Friday, March 7, 2014

Queens Public Transit Committee Holds -Drive By Rally- To Drum Up Support For Rail Service To Be Restored To The Former LIRR Queens Rockaway Beach Line And Calling It The New Queens Crosstown Route

I am Philip McManus, Chairman of the Queens Public Transit Committee and I’m here to ask for your help to help make a growing economy a part of your mission for the region and to address a huge problem we have in central and southern Queens - a lack of viable transportation options that results in lower economic output for the region. Queens in general, is being strangulated by a lack of transportation options that hurts the entire city. Transportation is the circulatory system of the city that results in overall economic growth.

The solution to this issue is the re-institution of rail service on the former Long Island Railroad Rockaway Branch line with either subway or LIRR commuter service. The right of way already exists so land acquisition isn't really an issue.

The best example of how rail service benefits the area is when the subway opened in 1904. People realized they no longer had to live within walking distance of their jobs in Lower Manhattan and could travel from other points in the city. The economy grew by leaps and bounds and New York City grew to the metropolis it has become. 
We advocate making central and southern Queens an economic empowerment zone by making it a destination for people to live in and have the mobility to easily reach jobs in other parts of the region. Returning it to operation will make the area a juggernaut of economic activity as it could become a destination and not just another place on a map that's hard to get in and out of.

We're not advocating just rail service, but increased bus service as well.
Come join our 'Drive By Rally' at the intersection of Queens Boulevard and Woodhaven Boulevard on March 9 2014 at 2:30 pm. Bring your car and passengers that can carry placards to hold as we drive by.
Help make Queens and economic empowerment zone by joining our rally.

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