Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stand up against the stealing of our time and prosperity. Enough is enough! Fight for the Queens Rockaway Beach Line and faster transportation!!!

Dear Friends,

This is very Important Rally!!!  Stand up against the stealing of our time and prosperity.  Enough is enough! 

Please try your best to go to this QueensWay event and tell your family and friends to fight for the Queens Rockaway Beach Line and faster transportation. The QueensWay group is trying to stop the best opportunity to reduce travel times, traffic, pollution and unemployment.

Do you want to travel 2 1/2 hours to cross over Queens by public transportation?

Now is the time to let the city know that there is a better alternative to Bus Rapid Transit on Woodhaven and that is to reuse the Rockaway Line so that precious road space is not reduced by 50% which is what will happen if bike lanes are included in this plan. 25% if they are not. Can cars afford to move any slower on Woodhaven during rush hours? Not everyone can take the bus which will operate along the same routes they do today. There are no alternate auto routes available in the area except for neighboring residential streets. Do we want the cars to use those streets for long distance travel? 

Please bring a poster supporting the rail option for the Queens Rockaway Beach Line, the transportation plan. 

Today, Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at 11:00 am at Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School 91-30 Metropolitan Avenue Forest Hills. 

Philip McManus 
Queens Public Transit Committee 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Queens Public Transit Committee Seeks Funding For Lower Manhattan-Rockaway Ferry

Lower Manhattan, Sept. 22, 2014 - A rally was held tonight as residents of southern Queens invaded  Lower Manhattan in an effort to remind people that if enough support isn’t generated to save the ferry from the Rockaways to Manhattan, the service will end, making the trip by subway or express bus a longer trip and much less enjoyable.

The mission statement of the Queens Public Transit Committee is to improve all transportation options for Queens and the Pier 11 in Manhattan to Rockaway Peninsula is no exception. With Mayor deBlasio eliminating funding for the ferry link, residents of southern Queens are furious and have taken to the streets. The Belle Harbor Property Owners Association is also involved as they seek to protect and enhance the quality of life in their community. The Ferry is the common thread that binds both organizations.

Queens Public Transit Committee Chairman Phillip McManus has been fighting for keeping the ferry going but it’s been an uphill fight. To get the attention of Lower Manhattan, he’s organized a walking rally to let people know about it. He said, “We’ll arrive on the ferry at about 5:15 pm at Pier 11 and hold a press conference under the FDR near Wall Street. We will collect names and contact information to organize the passengers.  We will also have speeches and a photo opportunity. We’re following up on a rally we had on the steps of City Hall a couple of months ago as part of a process to educate the public about the funding cutoff.”

The plan was to march through areas such as Water Street and Stone Street which is where many people congregate so they can get the word about the ferry service discontinuance.

Through their past efforts, they accumulated an array of political figures dedicated to keeping the ferry going. Among them is Queens Borough President Melinda Katz. She said in a letter to Mayor deBlasio that, “…The Rockaway Ferry is a necessity for the Rockaway Peninsula and vital to its resiliency plans. Since the inception of the Rockaway Ferry in 2012, residents have come to view it as a primary means of transportation into Manhattan.”

New York State Assemblyman Philip Goldfeder has been a long-time backer of improving transportation options in southern Queens as healthier transportation options means greater economic opportunity.

Support for the ferry isn’t limited to Queens but to Brooklyn as well. City Councilman Vincent Gentile recently said at the June 11 rally on the steps of City Hall, “Other areas in the country would kill for a waterfront like we have here in New York. I want to emphasize the stopover in Brooklyn on the way to the Rockaways. One ride on the ferry and you’re hooked as opposed to riding the subway. If people knew if they could get to Manhattan and back easily with a ferry, they’d use it.”
The walking rally headed south to the Staten Island Ferry, the Statue of Liberty Ferry and walk north on Broadway to Wall Street and loop back to the ferry to Queens while giving out posters, flyers and asking people to sign petitions. 

Before hopping on to the 7:45 pm ferry back to the Rockaways, Phil McManus showed optimism and said, “The Queens Public Transit Committee supports faster transportation including the Queens Rockaway Ferry.  We refuse to be second class citizens in a city where everyone else’s concerns seem to come first.”

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Passing of our friend and mentor, John Rozankowski

Dear Friends,  

It is with great shock and sadness that I must inform you that our Friend and Mentor John Rozankowski has died of natural causes.

God have Mercy on his Soul.

We're going to miss you, John. A tremendous loss.  Thank you for helping the Rockaways, Queens and New York City with your transportation advocacy.

John lived in the Bronx and would take the train to help us. He was a good man.

Our sincerest condolences to his family.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Our Rally for Q 52 Bus Extension to Far Rockaway is on Saturday September 20, at Beach 67 Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard at 11 am.

Queens Public Transit Committee Press Release

Release date: September 8, 2014

Media contacts: 

Philip McManus, Chairman
Queens Public Transit Committee

Location/Date: Saturday, September 20, 2014 at Beach 67 Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard

Time: 11 AM.

We are gaining influence in Queens.Please cover this very important meeting as this is a great opportunity to show how we network and unite with other communities and groups. 

Our 'Rally for Q52 Bus Extension to Far Rockaway' is on Saturday, September 20, 2014 at Beach 67 Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard at 11am. 

Our opinion is that 2 1/2 hours is way too long to get around Queens using mass transit.  It's a waste of time, money and destroys opportunities with unnecessary transfers and road delays. 

We advocate the extension of bus routes across Queens and the Q52 Limited Bus to Far Rockaway as a example of how we want to connect buses to more ferry service as faster transportation (all modes) which saves time and makes money. More money creates jobs and opportunities.
Currently, the Q 52 doesn't connect to the Ferry at this time but we need another Ferry stop in Far Rockaway that would connect with this bus. The Q22, Q35, Q53 and QM16, Q113 and the Q114 should all connect to the Ferry.

We are promoting several petitions and here's a list:

Feel free to contact me for further information with this information below.

Philip McManus, Chairman

Friday, August 15, 2014

Next QPTC meeting is Wednesday, August 20, 2014 from 7:30 to 9 PM

Dear Friends,

Our next Queens Public Transit Committee meeting is on Wednesday, August 20 from 7:30 to 9 PM at the:

Knights of Columbus
333 Beach 90th Street
Rockaway Beach, Queens. 
We hope you can make it as we'll discuss more than one topic.

The fight for the ferry from Lower Manhattan to the Rockaways continues. Important steps have been taken since last month's meeting. There will be a press conference on the steps of City Hall the night after our meeting. There are more actions to complete. It's critical that we come together, discuss the progress that has been made and coordinate our efforts going forward.
If you can, sign the petition on our social media too. 

Of course, there are other transportation concerns to address. We've recently joined the battle to extend the Q52 bus route to serve more Rockaway residents. New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli released a report describing the Rockaway Beach line as a good investment for the MTA. Momentum is shifting our way -- how can we capitalize, and where else should we focus our advocacy? Please join us Wednesday and help us make plans.

We've got work to do.

Mike Scala
Queens Public Transit Committee

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rockaway Committee To Save The Ferry

On Thursday April 3rd 2014 at 6 P.M., the Queens Rockaway Ferry committee is holding a press conference at Beach 108th St. and Beach Channel Drive to say “Thank You” for Mayor de Blasio’s extension of the Rockaway Ferry service. The press conference was delayed due to severe weather over the last few months.

The Queens Public Transit Committee supports faster transportation including the Queens Rockaway Ferry. Good luck and congratulations to the Rockaway Committee to Save the  Ferry for a successful event.  

The Committee has confirmed Borough President Melinda Katz (D- Queens), Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Rockaway), City Council Member Eric Ulrich (R-Rockaway), Joseph Addabbo Jr. (D-Rockaway), Donovan Richards (D-Far Rockaway), Congressman Gregory Meeks (D- Rockaway), District Leader Lew M. Simon (D-Rockaway), and for Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Far Rockaway) Liaison Lisa George attendance. 

Thank you. 

Philip McManus
Queens Public Transit Committee 

Saturday, March 22, 2014



Join us in our struggle for a better quality of life for you and your children.

The QueensWay group needs to see us and hear us. Please bring posters and your enthusiasm.  It's also a photo and recruitment opportunity. The press will be in attendance. 
Please ask all rail option supporters to attend and promote reusing the Queens Rockaway Beach Line for transportation at the QueensWay Park meetings. Let's fill the room with supporters of the Queens RBL.  See below meeting locations.

Please contact us at 718-474-0315 or Rowing612@aol.com to confirm your attendance with Queens Public Transit Committee. RSVP QueensWay and speak your mind:

Shelma Jun
QueensWay Plan Engagement Manager
212.431.6780 x110

Attend these events!!!
Mon. March 24th, 7 – 9pm
Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School
91-30 Metropolitan Ave. Forest Hills, NY
(two blocks east of Woodhaven Blvd., yellow entrance)

Wed. March 26th, 7 – 9pm 
High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture
94-06 104th Street, Richmond Hill, NY
(one block south of Atlantic Ave. at 94th Ave.)
Each workshop will include:
• Presentation of key issues from community outreach and ideas in progress
• Group activity: review of options going forward

Congratulations to all. Our recent Queens RBL Drive By Rally got into the newspapers.

The Queens Public Transit Committee had a successful Drive By Rally for the Queens Rockaway Beach Line, the new Queens Crosstown: Check out this link:
We want to increase our public exposure. We believe in faster transportation for Queens which is the key to our economic recovery, our unity, our renaissance and our quality of life.We need your help to improve our economy, increase access to jobs and better schools through faster transportation which will reduce unemployment, crime and suffering.  It's time to unite Queens with the new Queens Crosstown. 

We need your help to win the Queens Rockaway Beach Line battle.


Please ask your family and friends and commuters to sign our petitions to support the Reactivation of the Queens Rockaway Beach Line, the New Queens Crosstown, eliminate the toll on the Queens Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge for everyone and expand the Queens Rockaway Ferry:

Philip McManus
Queens Public Transit Committee

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

LIRR Rockaway Branch Line train activity circa 1950

Below is a link to a YouTube video with Long Island Rail Road trains to the Rockaways circa 1950. You will see MP54 commuter cars going over Broad Channel as well as the viaduct as currently constituted. The scene at Rockaway Park can be an interesting juxtaposition versus today's current subway scene.

Feel free to copy the link into your browser, check it out and enjoy!!!


Friday, March 7, 2014

Queens Public Transit Committee Holds -Drive By Rally- To Drum Up Support For Rail Service To Be Restored To The Former LIRR Queens Rockaway Beach Line And Calling It The New Queens Crosstown Route

I am Philip McManus, Chairman of the Queens Public Transit Committee and I’m here to ask for your help to help make a growing economy a part of your mission for the region and to address a huge problem we have in central and southern Queens - a lack of viable transportation options that results in lower economic output for the region. Queens in general, is being strangulated by a lack of transportation options that hurts the entire city. Transportation is the circulatory system of the city that results in overall economic growth.

The solution to this issue is the re-institution of rail service on the former Long Island Railroad Rockaway Branch line with either subway or LIRR commuter service. The right of way already exists so land acquisition isn't really an issue.

The best example of how rail service benefits the area is when the subway opened in 1904. People realized they no longer had to live within walking distance of their jobs in Lower Manhattan and could travel from other points in the city. The economy grew by leaps and bounds and New York City grew to the metropolis it has become. 
We advocate making central and southern Queens an economic empowerment zone by making it a destination for people to live in and have the mobility to easily reach jobs in other parts of the region. Returning it to operation will make the area a juggernaut of economic activity as it could become a destination and not just another place on a map that's hard to get in and out of.

We're not advocating just rail service, but increased bus service as well.
Come join our 'Drive By Rally' at the intersection of Queens Boulevard and Woodhaven Boulevard on March 9 2014 at 2:30 pm. Bring your car and passengers that can carry placards to hold as we drive by.
Help make Queens and economic empowerment zone by joining our rally.