Friday, May 22, 2015

Queens Public Transit Committee's encounter with Mayor DeBlasio


We held an emergency transportation rally today to protest our Mayor's incompetence and discrimination of the Queens transportation system and the outer boroughs on Friday, May 22, 2015 at 2:30 pm at 94 Street and Shore Front Pkwy., Rockaway Beach.
Here's our message to the Mayor.We need immediate improvements including: 
  • Expand railway service in the outer boroughs including the QueensRail and Triboro RX. 
  • Expand citywide Ferry service. 
  • Increase service and maintenance on the Rockaway Shuttle and A train, 
  • Repave our roadways. 
  • Eliminate the tolls on Rockaway bridges.
  • Extend bus routes to eliminate unnecessary transfer delays. 
  • Increase bus service on our highways, bridges and tunnels. 
We're looking to unite our city with faster transportation which gives us more transportation options and economic opportunities! 

We want the City to stop stealing our time, freedom and prosperity by giving us fewer travel lanes, lower speed limits, less bus stops, left turns, and less parking with more traffic tickets and enforcement.
We also want to stop Select Bus Service, Vision Zero and the QueensWay park plan! 
Stop discriminating against Queens!
Stop separating, isolating and dividing Queens and the outer Boroughs. 

The citizens of New York City will never support a Mayor who doesn't listen to the people. 

You can tell the media and our Mayor (a/k/a The Great Transportation Mayor) how you feel about the issues we raise. Come to future rallies, brings posters and your friends!!! We must fight for what's right!!!

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